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Are you at the right place ?

Ovonic 100C 4S 450mAh LiPo Battery

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Ovonic 450mah 100C 4s XT30 lipo battery is designed for small FPV drone like Luma 25 etc

Specifications of 4s 450mah lipo battery:

  • - Brand : Ovonic
  • - Chemistry : Li-polymer
  • - Length: 65mm
  • - Width :16mm
  • - Height : 25.8mm
  • - Capacity : 450mAh
  • - Voltage : 14.8V
  • - Cell Number : 4S1P
  • - Discharge Rate : 100C
  • - Max Burst Discharge Rate : 160C
  • - Net Weight: 50g for one pack
  • - Connector Type : XT30 Plug
  • - Balance Connector Type : JST-XH

This item is deemed to be a dangerous good (DG). It cannot be sent overseas.

Battery Safety

  • NEVER leave batteries charging while unattended.
  • Make certain that the voltage and current settings on the lithium polymer charger are appropriate for the battery pack being charged.
  • Lithium polymer needs to be CHARGED and STORED in a LiPo Sack or other fire-safe container.
  • Avoid charging batteries close to combustible materials or liquids.
  • Keep a dry fire extinguisher handy, or use a big bucket of dry sand, which is both affordable and efficient.
  • Keep away from children and pets at all times. Never discharge a cell below 3.5V because doing so could void the warranty and result in permanent damage.
  • If a battery is damaged or burnt, it could explode. Discard the battery responsibly immediately.
  • Never keep batteries plugged into a device.
  • Never leave batteries in the car.