Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

Luma 3 Frame Assembly guide. v1.0

Kit contents:

Hardware Bag Breakdown:

Bag A - General M3 Quantity
M3 8mm Bolt
M3 20mm Standoff 2
M3 26mm Standoff 4
Bag B - Arms
M3 Pressnut 8
M3 10mm Bolt
Bag C - M3 Main Stack
M3 20mm Bolt
M3 Gummies
M3 TPU Stack kit
PLA M3 Hard-mount plugs (Black)
Bag D - M2 Main stack
M2 20mm Bolt
M2 Washer 4
M2 TPU Stack kit
M2 PLA Hard-mount plugs (White) 4
Bag E - M2 Rear stack
M2 Nut 4
M2 8mm Bolt 4
M2 20mm Bolt 4
Bag F - M2 Motors
M2 10mm Bolt 16
M2 washer 16

Carbon Parts.

2mm Top-plate 1
2mm Mid-plate 1
2mm Bottom-plate 1
4mm Arm 4
4mm Arm key 1

3D Printed Parts.

Front FPV Camera & bumper 1
Front GoPro Hard-mount 1
Rear GoPro Hard-mount w/ SMA & Immortal T 1
Rear 20x20 Stack mount 1


M5 Nut 2
Zipties 4
230x20mm Strap 1

Assembly guide:

1) Mid-plate.

Note: the triangle cutouts point towards the front of the frame.

2) M3 Gummy installation for soft-mounting.

Note: if you plan on hard-mounting the main stack leave the gummies out and check out the mounting options section at the end of this guide.

3) Pressnut installation.

4) Gently pull pressnuts into the top of the mid-plate using an 8mm M3 bolt (shorter bolts included in kit) inserted through the bottom side of the carbon plate with the pressnut on top. (see below image) Take care to make sure the nut is going in straight.
The press nuts don't initially need to sink all the way in as once you've installed the arms using the 10mm M3 screws later you can apply more pressure and pull them nearly 100% flush.
Note: Avoid bashing in the pressnuts with hammers etc at all costs as it can cause delimitation and damage to the carbon.

4) Bottom plate and Arms.

 Note: the triangle cutouts point towards the front of the frame.
The arms are sandwiched between the bottom and mid-plate, line them up as seen below.

5) Arm key.

The arm key sits in the center of the 4 arms.

6) Lower assembly.

The mid-plate lines up on top of the arms to create the sandwich.

Secure everything together with 8x 10mm M3 bolts screwed through the bottom-plate and arms into the pressnuts, it's best to work around in a circular/star pattern giving the bolts a couple of turns each time and tightening them gradually. Don't immediately fully install any bolts tightly, take your time and work around the bolts several times until all the bolts are flush then you can use more force to do the final round of tightening.

7) Rear 20x20 Analog VTX/RX mount.

Line the mount up with the rear 20x20 stack.


Install 4x M2 steel nuts by pressing them into the holes on the top side of the mount so they are flush inside the mount.

Install 4x 8mm M2 bolts through the underside.

The bolts screw through and secure into the M2 nuts.

8) 20mm Rear standoffs.


Line 2x 20mm standoffs up with the M3 holes at the rear of the mid-plate.

Secure using 2x 8mm M3 bolts from the underside.

9) Rear mount.

Slide the rear mount over the rear standoffs.

10) Front Bumper and FPV camera mount. 

Insert 2x 26mm standoffs into the front bumper until they are installed flush with the top of the bumper.
Install the bumper by inserting the front lip of the bottom plate into the groove on the backside of the bumper.

Line up the other 2x 26mm standoffs with the M3 holes on the Bottom plate just in front of the arms.

Secure with 4x 8mm M3 bolts from the underside of the bottom-plate.

11) Top-plate installation.

Line the 6 M3 holes up with the top of the standoffs.

12) Front Gopro mount installation.

Line the 4x M3 holes in the mount up with the 4 M3 holes at the front of the Top-plate.
Secure using 6x 8mm M3 bolts.

13) M5 nut installation.

Insert 1 of the M5 nuts into the side of each of the front and rear mounts.
you can use a small dab of Welders glue or something similar if you like to make sure they stay in -  from experience these nuts have been staying quite secure without it but it would suck to loose one out in the field so it's recommended you do glue them in.

14) Guard installation.

Line the guards up with underside of the motor mounting holes on the arms.

The guards are secured to the arms using 4x 10mm M2 bolts and 4x M2 washers per motor inserted through the underside of the guards through the arms and secured into the motors.
Remember the guards are soft and will flex slightly if the bolts are over tightened, don't install them with force, it's best to seat then snugly and use a small dab of medium Threadlocker (Loctite) to keep them in place and stop them coming loose due to vibration.

Main stack mounting options:

There's 4 options available when choosing how to mount your stack.

1) M3 bolts soft-mount
Simply insert M3 bolts through the gummies.
2) M2 bolts soft-mount
Use 1x M2 washer and 1x M2 to M3 TPU bolt spacer (from Bag D) and insert through the gummies.
Grip the firmly TPU with pliers and screw the m2 bolt through it (tolerance here is very tight) This increases the diameter of the M2 screw to M3 size so they fit snugly in the gummies.

3) M3 bolts hard-mount
Use M3 bolts with the "Black" plastic hard-mounts (Bag C) inserted up trough the bottom of the mid-plate.
4) M2 bolts hard-mount
Use M2 bolts with the "White" plastic hard-mounts (Bag D)  inserted up trough the bottom of the mid-plate.

Do not let electrical components come in contact with the carbon or the steel pressnuts.
Included in bags C & D are various sized TPU stack spacers that can be used to add clearance on top the gummies for your ESC. 
Check out the components list for the recommended electrical components to complete your build.