Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

Luma 30 Recommended parts list.

The Luma 30 is best suited to a 6S setup, there's no reason why you cant build it with 4s parts however you can expect some trade offs in flight time, overall performance and thrust.

Below is a listing of the core parts we recommend for your build, The radio reciever is really up to you, any Immortal-T style antenna works with our standard mounts.

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LUMA 30 6S Build

Caddx Vista (DJI Camera) 


6S Motors.

T-Motor F2203.5 2850Kv


Flight controller and ESC.

 MAMBA AIO F722 MK1 35A 6S 8bit Flight Controller Stack 25.5mm/M2 

iFlight Beast F7 55A V2 AIO

If you're going to be running it hard we recommend getting the Beast AIO


HQ 75mm Cinewhoop prop
Gemfan 75mm Ducted prop



 Ovonic 1000Mah 6s