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Are you at the right place ?

Luma 5 Frame Assembly guide. v1.0

Kit contents:

Hardware: Carbon:
9x 28mm Aluminum standoff. 1x 2.5mm Top-plate.
17x M3 Aluminium Cap head washer. 1x 2mm Mid-plate.
21x M3 Steel Washer. 1x 2.5mm Bottom-plate.
27x YFS M3 12.9 12MM Cap head Bolt. 4x 6x11mm Arms
7x YFS M3 12.9 10MM Cap head Bolt.
5x YFS M3 12.9 8MM Cap head Bolt.
5x YFS M1.6 14mm Cap head Bolt. Extras:
3x YFS M2.5 8mm Countersunk Bolt. 1x 3mm Foam Battery Pad.
5x YFS M3 12.9 18MM Countersunk Bolt. 2x Luma 250mm Lipo Straps.
5x YFS M3 12.9 10MM Countersunk Bolt. 3x Small Zip ties
23x M3 Aluminum M3x5mm Spacer. 1x Black XT60EW-M Female connector.
9x M3 Steel Press nut.
1x M5 Steel Clinch Nut.
1x M5 Steel 20MM Phillips head Bolt.
5x M3 Steel Black Hex Nylon Insert Lock Nut.
TPU parts:
1x Front Bumper.
1x Front HD Camera Mount.
1x Rear Antenna Mount.
4x Arm Bumper Mount.
1x 25.5x25.5 Rear stack riser.
1x 20x20 Rear stack riser.
1x 35v 1000uf Capacitator holder.
1x M2 & M3 Spacer Kit.

Hardware is broken down into the following packaging;

BAG 1 (Main hardware)
28mm Standoffs (Light Blue) 8
M3 10MM Countersunk HEX 12.9 YKS 4
M3 Aluminum Cnc washer for Cap head (Light Blue) 8
M3 Aluminum M3x5mm Spacer (silver) 2
M3 Press nut 4
BAG 2 (Arm hardware)
M3 Press nut 4
M3 Aluminum Cnc washer for Cap head (Light Blue) 8
BAG 3 (Stack hardware)
M3 Steel Black Hex Nylon Insert Lock Nut 4
M3 18MM Countersunk HEX 12.9 YKS 4
m1.6 14mm Cap head HEX 12.9 4
BAG 4 (Motor hardware)
M3 9mm Steel washer 16
M3 Aluminum M3x5mm Spacer (silver) 16
BAG 5 (Front Mount hardware)
M5 Steel Clinch Nut 1
M5 Flat Phillips Head Steel bolt 1
M3 Aluminum M3x5mm Spacer (silver) 4
M3 9mm Steel washer 4
BAG 6 (Rear Mount hardware)
M2.5 8mm Countersunk Hex 12.9 2
XT60E-M Black 1
BAG 7 (Spare hardware)
28mm Standoffs (Light Blue) 1
M3 10MM Countersunk HEX 12.9 YKS 1
M3 Aluminum Cnc washer for Cap head (Light Blue) 1
M3 Press nut 1
M3 8MM Cap head HEX 12.9 YKS 1
M3 Steel Black Hex Nylon Insert Lock Nut 1
M3 18MM Countersunk HEX 12.9 YKS 1
m1.6 14mm Cap head HEX 12.9 1
M3 9mm Steel washer 1
M3 Aluminum M3x5mm Spacer (silver) 1
M2.5 8mm Countersunk Hex 12.9 1


This is the Midplate.
Note the Triangle in the centre of the plate, this points to the front of the frame.

Install 4x Press nuts into the 4x outer holes in the Mid plate using the method shown in the following video;

Do not use a hammer etc as this will damage the carbon plate.

 Install 4x Press nuts into the 4 Arms using the same method.

Note: all arm pieces are identical so it doesn't matter what position they are installed in.




This is the Bottom plate, note the triangle in the center, this points to the front of the frame.

Through the underside of the bottom plate insert 4x 8mmm M3 bolts through 4x Cap head washers into the centre 4 holes of the bottom plate.

loosely attach the arms by screwing the 8mm bolts through the bottom plate and into the Press nuts you installed in the arms, for now just use a half twist or two so they don't fall out.

You can also apply Loctite Blue 242 Threadlocker to the 8mm bolts at this stage if you wish. 


Insert the Arm Key piece into the centre of the arms you installed.


There are 2 Main stack mounting options 20x20 & 30.5x30.5 

Decide what mounting you want to use and install 4x 18mm Countersunk M3 bolts through the Mid plate securing with 4x M3 Nylon insert nuts.

Place the Mid plate over the arms lining the outer holes with Press nuts with the outer holes on the arms.


Hold the plate in place with one hand. flip the whole frame over and insert the Cap head washers and the longer 12mm Bolts through the outer holes.

NOTE: we recommend using Loctite on the all the bolts that have been installed so far.

In a circular pattern begin to tighten down all the 8 bolts, first a couple of turns each so they bottom out then on the next pass firmly tighten them in place.

One of the cool new features of the Luma 5 design is the use of custom spacers, these are used everywhere a bolt goes through a 3D Printed part, these allow parts to be installed firmly and not squish the 3D Printed parts, you'll find they are used in the Front bumper, the Arm bumpers, the main HD Camera Mount as well as the optional Rear Camera mount kit.

Spare Custom spacers can be purchased here if needed. 

Install the front bumper to the front 2 holes of the bottom plate using 2x 12mm Bolts 2x M3 Cap head washers and 2x Custom spacers



Secure with 2x 28mm Standoffs.


 The remaining 6 standoffs are installed using a Cap head washers and 10mm Bolts


The kit includes a rear stack riser to lift a VTX up allowing the Lipo Pigtail and other associated wires to run cleanly under the VTX and back to the stack.

There are two options 20x20mm and 25.5x25.5mm - pick the riser that suits your VTX.

The riser is installed into the rear stack position using 4x bolts - the kit includes specific M1.6 14mm Bolts to suit the Air Unit O3 VTX - these replace the 4x screws that come installed in the AO3 from DJI allowing it to be hard mounted into the back of the frame.



There are 2 different options for mounting the front FPV Camera
Standard 19-20mm cameras can be hard mounted between carbon plates, alternatively any cameras with an in-built gyro that requires soft-mounting such as the AO3 camera can be installed using the TPU Soft mount plates.

The carbon plates can be orientated in several ways to accommodate 19-20mm cameras.

Milled sides outwards;

The above orientation is for 19mm cameras, plates can also be swapped in position to cater for 20mm cameras

Milled sides inwards;

As well as be rotated 180 degrees in both positions to accommodate a wider range of cams with longer or shorter lenses. 

TPU soft mounts are installed as follows.


 If required the 1000uf Low ERS Capacitor holder is installed on the second set of standoffs. (the holder supports size 12.5x20mm capacitors)


 Modification of the included XT60EW-M Connector is required;

The side parts of the connector need to be trimmed away using a pair of side cutters or carefully with a hobby knife in order to correctly fit the rear mount.

Trim along the blue dotted lines indicated in the below image.

 The modified Connector will look as follows;

Once trimmed, the connector is installed into the Rear Antenna mount and is secured using 2x M2.5 8mm Countersunk Bolts.

To make the soldering process easier we recommend completing this step once you have soldered your pigtail.


Install the rear mount over the two rear standoffs


This is the Top plate.

Note: the countersunk holes in the plate face upwards


Install foam battery pad to the top plate by lining up the center triangle cutout.


The top plate is then installed onto the standoffs using 4x Countersunk M3 10mm Bolts through the back 4 countersunk holes.


 The Front HD Action camera mount is installed with 4x Custom spacers 4x 9mm M3 washers and 4x M3 12mm bolts.


The securing hardware is installed into the HD Mount.

The M5 Clinch nut is installed into the left side of the mount.

once installed the nut will stay secured.

The M5 20mm Flat head Phillips bolt is installed into the right side.


Similarly to the HD camera mount the Arm bumpers are installed with the same combination of 4x Custom spacers, 4x 9mm M3 washers and 4x 12mm M3 bolts that are screwed into the motor bases using Loctite.


The motor wire guards are the last thing that needs to be installed.
On the underside you will see one end has a circle marked, this indicates the outer edge of the guard, the outer side is slightly narrower than the other side closer to the frame body - the difference here is subtle.

Guards are installed over the motor wires and secured using a couple of wraps of electrical tape.


That completes the basic frame assembly.

If you have any issues or questions regarding this process please contact us here.

Not sure what components to put in your Luma 5 build?

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