Luma 55 3D Printed TPU Parts

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TPU Parts for the Luma 55

Printed with High-quality 95A TPU filament in Sydney, Australia.


GoPro Hard Mount 25 Degree
GoPro Hard Mount 35 Degree
Standard GoPro mount
Rear Immortal T Antenna Vista antenna
Rear Immortal T Antenna SMA antenna
Mini/Mirco FPV camera mounts 20mm & 19mm cameras
Nano FPV camera mounts 14mm cameras
Arm Bumper Set of 4
Motor wire protector Set of 4
M2 20x20mm Stack mount
M3 20x20mm Stack mount
Rear Immortal T, Vista and GPS Suites Matek M8Q-5883 GPS
Rear Immortal T, SMA and GPS Suites BN-220 GPS