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Luma 55 Full frame kit

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Meet the Luma 55 - expertly crafted to surpass the limitations of conventional 5-inch quadcopters to help you create and share amazing content with the world.

Why opt for a 5.5" instead of a regular 5" drone?

The explanation is simple: the 5" quad became popular during the time when the GoPro Session camera was the preferred choice for many pilots as they were drawn to the flight feel of a 5" quadcopter carrying the GoPro Session.

However, fast forward to the present day, and most pilots now demand the advanced features and quality of today's full-sized GoPro cameras. This is where the 5.5" comes in, providing extra thrust and performance beyond what a standard 5" can offer, to accommodate the heavier GoPro cameras we now love and use.

With its 5.5-inch propellers, the lightweight Luma 55 frame boasts an unparalleled thrust-to-weight ratio, making it a true powerhouse in the world of cinematic filming.

The Luma 55 strikes a perfect balance between the agility of a 5-inch freestyle drone and the planted feel of a 6-inch cinematic cruiser, creating a harmonious blend of speed and stability.

With the Luma 55, you can effortlessly track and follow fast-moving subjects such as drift cars, boats, and motorbikes, capturing stunning footage with precision and ease. Its powerful thrust and maneuverability provide you with the control you need to fly with confidence, and its extended flight efficiency allows you to fly further for longer to create incredible shots that leave your audience in absolute awe.


Need a completly built Luma 55 ready to fly?

We can also help provide complete built drone ready to bind and send or complete part kits so you can experince the satisfaction of building one for yourself.
- Check out more infomation on that here.


Frame Key features.

  • 160G Frame weight (Carbon, Hardware and TPU)
  • 245.7mm Wheelbase
  • Support for up to 5.5" Props
  • Dual 20x20 stacks. (20x20 Maximum support)
  • HD Vista / analog compatible.
  • Replaceable 6x8mm arms. (single design)
  • 16 to 19mm M3 motor mounts.
  • 2.5mm Top and Bottom plates.
  • 2mm Mid plate
  • Vibration dampened main stack mounting. 
  • Supports all Mini to Nano sized FPV cameras
  • 3K Carbon Fibre.
  • 12.9 Grade Steel Hardware Bolts. 
  • 3d Printed Parts Kit.



Pre Built Luma 55 Drones (BNF) available here

GoPro Vertical Mounts can be found here  



Got questions?
Check out the FAQ page and you'll most likely find the answer there, if not send us a message via the contact page.

Kit Contents: 

Hardware: Carbon:
5x 28mm Aluminum standoff. 1x 2.5mm Top-plate.
3x 20mm Aluminum standoff. 1x 2mm Mid-plate.
14x Steel M3 12mm. (12.9 grade) 1x 2.5mm Bottom-plate.
9x Steel M3 10mm. (12.9 grade) 4x 6x8mm Arms.
7x M3 Steel Washer.
9x M3 Steel Pressnut. Extras:
5x M3 Silicone soft-mount gummies. 4x Zipties.
1x M5 Steel Clinch Nut. 2x Luma 250mm Lipo Straps.
M5 20mm Flathead Bolt. 1x 3mm Foam Battery Pad.
5x M3 Steel 20mm. (12.9 grade)
5x M2 Steel 20mm. (12.9 grade)
5x M2 Steel Nut
TPU parts:
1x Front bumper.
4x Arm Bumpers.
4x Arm Wire Protectors.
Mini to Nano FPV camera mounts.
2x Front Airunit 03 Camera mounts.
1x Front GoPro Hard mount.
Rear Vista antenna and T mount.
1x Rear SMA antenna and T mount.
1x Rear Dual Walksnail/Avatar Antenna mount.
1x 20x20 M3 stack RX mount.
1x 20x20 M2 stack RX mount.

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