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Are you at the right place ?

Luma 5 Full frame kit

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The ultimate 5" FPV frame is here!!

After over 12 months of development in collaboration with multiple Australian National Freestyle champions J Webb & Jacuzzi Jay, Luma Quad Co is proud to introduce our newest frame release, The Luma 5 Freestyle.

This the ultimate all-round Freestyle quad.
With it's squished X symmetrical geometry that allows an even feel on all axes and the perfect flight weight to chuck around and over proximity subjects, the Luma 5 ticks all the boxes plus more.

The standard kit features a bunch of premium touches such as Ultra-Matte Carbon-fiber with chamfered 6mm arms, YFS 12.9 high Grade hardware, both Carbon and TPU soft mount plates to support all the current FPV cams without introducing jello, an expansive 3D printed parts kit included that puts the other guys to shame, complete spare hardware parts kit, Luma branded Lipo straps and all the blue bling you could ever want straight out of the box!

We're super proud of this one, and we can't wait to see what you create with it!


6mm x 11mm Arms.

Both Carbon hard mounting and TPU soft mounting plates included.

Frame Key features.

  • 219g Frame weight. (Carbon, Hardware and TPU)
  • 222mm wheelbase. (Up to 5.1" Prop support with other sizes also available)
  • 28mm Standoffs.
  • Main Stack: 20mm & 30.5mm support.
  • Rear Stack:  20mm & 25.5mm support up to 35.5mm VTX.
  • Replaceable 6x11mm arms. (single design)
  • 16mm M3 motor mounts.
  • 2.5mm Top and Bottom plate.
  • 2mm Mid plate.
  • Support for 20 & 19 mm FPV cameras using Carbon plates.
  • Optional Air Unit 03 camera Soft mounting.
  • T300 Ultra Matte Carbon Fibre.
  • YFS 12.9 Grade Steel Hardware.
  • 3d Printed Parts Kit.
  • Rear HD Camera Mount *

* Sold separately 



Optional extras:

4.9" and 5.5" Arm sizes are available for purchase as separate parts here

Rear Antenna mount options are available here

Rear HD Camera mounts are available here

Fixed angle HD Camera mounts for Gopro and DJI Action 2 are available here

Support us and show your love by picking up some of our premium branded mech  Available here


We also stock a range of build parts and electronics for the LUMA 5 here

Got questions?

Check out the FAQ page and you'll most likely find the answer there, if not send us a message via the contact page.

Kit Contents: 

Hardware: Carbon:
9x 28mm Aluminum standoff. 1x 2.5mm Top-plate.
17x M3 Aluminium Cap head washer. 1x 2mm Mid-plate.
21x M3 Steel Washer. 1x 2.5mm Bottom-plate.
27x YFS M3 12.9 12MM Cap head Bolt. 4x 6x11mm Arms
7x YFS M3 12.9 10MM Cap head Bolt.
5x YFS M3 12.9 8MM Cap head Bolt.
5x YFS M1.6 14mm Cap head Bolt. Extras:
3x YFS M2.5 8mm Countersunk Bolt. 1x 3mm Foam Battery Pad.
5x YFS M3 12.9 18MM Countersunk Bolt. 2x Luma 250mm Lipo Straps.
5x YFS M3 12.9 10MM Countersunk Bolt. 3x Small Zip ties
23x M3 Aluminum M3x5mm Spacer.
9x M3 Steel Press nut.
1x M5 Steel Clinch Nut.
1x M5 Steel 20MM Phillips head Bolt.
5x M3 Steel Black Hex Nylon Insert Lock Nut.
1x Black XT60EW-M Female connector.
TPU parts:
1x Front Bumper.
1x Front HD Camera Mount.
1x Rear Antenna Mount.
4x Arm Bumper Mount.
1x 25.5x25.5 Rear stack riser.
1x 20x20 Rear stack riser.
1x 35v 1000uf Capacitor holder.
1x M2 & M3 Spacer Kit.