Luma 30 Full frame kit

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The Luma 30 is our latest 3" Cinewhoop frame, designed not as a replacement for the Luma 3 but as a lightweight alternative, still powered by the same 6s setup and able to carry a fullsize gopro 9/10.

Based on the same principles as our Luma 25 cinewhoop it sports symetrical bolt patterns on it's top and bottom plates allowing it to be built in either standard "puller" or "pusher" configuration and has the same 15mm slammed deck for a super low centre of gravity while still accomodating a full rear 20x20 stack for your vista or analog setup. 
Where other 3" cinewhoops on the market typically go with a 2mm bottom plate the Luma 30 inclues a thicker 2.5mm plate allowing for flex and minimal resonance as well as increased carbon durabilty over the competitors.

The Luma 30 frame is very lightweight at only 85g giving it increased flight times and maneuverability however these benefits always come with a trade off in durability, the propguards on the Luma 30 will break away in heavy crashes by design where the TPU guards Luma 3 will pretty much survive anything.

This is not to say the they cant take a hit and bounce off walls while shooting interiors as well as keeping soft targets safe from prop strikes however the injecton moulded plastic is inherantly more brittle than TPU and susequently guards on the Luma 30 really should be treated as disposable parts.
We included 6 with every kit to keep you in the air as well as supply very cheap replacement guards on our store should you need them.

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This kit contains everything you need to put together either an analog or digital build.

Including Injection Moulded Guards, 3d printed parts, Carbon fibre, High quality hardware, Lipo straps and lots of spares! 

Frame Key Features:

Symetrically designed to be built in either "Puller" or "Pusher" configurations.  

85g frame weight.

157.5mm wheelbase.

2mm Top plate.

2.5mm Bottom plate.

Injection moulded 3" Prop guards.

Slammed 15mm stack height.

HD Vista / analog compatible.

Main 25.5x25.5mm & 20x20 stack support.

Rear 20x20 Stack support.

Both Mini, Micro and Nano FPV camera mounts included - supporting all fpv cameras from 20-14mm.

Support for all 3" propellers.

Front Standard Gopro mount (suits any Gopro mounting style camera)

Rear T & Caddx Vista antenna mount (suites Crossfire/Tracer/ELRS "T" Antennas)

Replacement Carbon Parts available here

Replacement 3d Prints available here

Download the 3d model .stl files for this kit here. 

View the recommended parts list here.

View the kit assembly guide here. -Coming soon (24-48 hours)

Got questions?

Check out the FAQ page and you'll most likely find the answer there, if not send us a message via the contact page.


Kit Contents:

Carbon: Hardware:
Plastic parts:
1x 2mm Top-plate. 6x M2 15mm Aluminium Standoff. 6x 3" Prop Guards.
1x 2.5mm Bottom-plate. 12x Steel M2 8mm. Extras:
TPU Parts: 4x Steel M2 14mm. 2x Zipties.
2x Mini/Micro Fpv Cam Mounts 4x Steel M2 18mm. 2x LUMA 250mm x 16mm Battery strap.
2x Nano Fpv Cam Mounts 18x Steel M2 10mm.
1x Front GoPro Style hard-mount. 2x Steel M2 8mm.
1x Rear Immortal T & Antenna mount. 8x Steel M2 Nut.
1x 25.5x25.5mm Rx Mount. 20x Steel M2 washer.
1x 20x20mm Rx Mount. 1x Steel M5 Nut.
4x Landing Pads/Skids 4x Plastc M2 Nut.