Luma 3 Recommended parts list.

The Luma 3 frame is compatible with a wide variety of components the following are the components we've been running and testing the frame with.

If you're not using Crossfire but you still want tidy RX antenna mounting make sure you pickup an L rear mount as these are compatible with most other RX antennas such as Frsky. Alternatively you can just use zipties etc and mount the antenna wherever you like. 

The Luma 3 was specifically designed for 6s, there's no reason why you cant build it with 4s parts however you can expect some trade offs in flight times and thrust.


Luma Quad has teamed up with PhaserFPV as the recommended Australian local supplier for your building needs.

Digital Build.

Caddx Vista (Nebular Pro)
TBS Triumph Pro LHCP antenna (SMA)
TBS SMA Pigtail (U.FL)


Analog Build.

Foxeer Toothless 2 Mini FPV Camera - 1.7mm
TBS Unify 5v VTX
TBS Triumph Pro RHCP antenna (SMA)

The Luma 3 TPU FPV Camera mount and bumper has been designed to expand and retract slightly to accomodate both "Mini" and "Micro" size FPV cameras.



TBS Crossfire Nano RX (SE) - if using the standard "Immortal T" rear mount
TBS Crossfire Nano RX (STD) - if using the "Immortal L" rear mount


6S Motors.

 FPV Cycle 2204 2800KV (M5 version)


Flight controller and ESC.

 Diatone Mamba F722 DJI F35 6S 20x20 Stack

The recommended stack for both digital and analog builds, the only DJI specific things are a single connector for a vista unit and an onboard 9v Regulator, still works fine for analog builds and gives you the option to switch to digital later if you wish.



Gemfan 75mm Ducted prop

The Luma 3 frame is compatible with all 3" props up to 3.1"



Bonka 6s 1000mah
Ovonic 6s 1000mah 



 TBS Tango 2 pro


Digital Goggles.

 DJI FPV Digital goggles


Analog Goggles.

Fatshark HDO 2 Analog goggles
TBS Fusion Analog receiver for goggles
TrueRC X-AIR 5.8ghz Crosshair antenna
TrueRC 5.8ghz SMA Long antenna



Ummagrip Lite