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Are you at the right place ?

Luma 30 Replacement 3D TPU parts

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TPU Parts for the Luma 30

Printed with High-quality 95A TPU filament in Sydney, Australia.

New Walksnail and DJI AO3 Rear mounts just added.



Front GoPro hard-mount.
Arm Landing Bumpers Set of 4
Rear Antenna mount Suites Vista antenna
Rear Antenna mount Suites SMA antenna
Rear DJI AIrunit 03 Mount With Immortal T 
Rear Antenna mount Suites Walksnail (dual 4mm antenna)
Rear Antenna mount Single 4mm antenna , BN-220 GPS and T Antenna
Mini/Mirco FPV camera mounts  Suites 20mm & 19mm cameras (2PC)
Nano FPV camera mounts Suites 14mm cameras (2PC)
Beta FPV Naked Gopro Lite Mount
GepRC Naked GP 8 Mount
20x20 RX mount
25.5x25.5mm RX Mount