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Are you at the right place ?

Luma 25 3D Printed TPU Parts.

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TPU Parts for the Luma 25

NEW DJI Air Unit O3 Kit for Luma 25 Available Now!


Available parts
Front Standard Gopro Mount.  For mounting any standard action camera.
Rear Antenna Mount. Suites Vista antenna with Immortal T style RX antenna.
Mini/Mirco FPV camera Mounts. Suites 21mm to 19mm cameras.
Nano FPV camera Mounts. Suites 14mm cameras.
BetaFPV Nakes Gopro 6 Mount.
GepRC NAked Gopro 8 Mount.
Gopro Bones Mount.
Dji Airunit O3 Mounts Includes front 20mm camera, rear VTX, Antenna and Immortal-T mount