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Are you at the right place ?

Luma Complete BNF Drones and Part kits.

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Please contact us for a quote.

LUMA - Complete BNF Quads

Tuned and flight tested by Luma Quad Co.
The cost of the complete builds fluctuate based on the availability of parts on the market.

Current LUMA 55 pricing estimate as of 27th of march 2023.
Lead time on these is around 2 weeks.

The following assumes you will be using the DJI radio, if you have a different radio we will need to add a specific receiver that to your quote such as Crossfire, express LRS etc.

Also available with Runcam Link (Vista) 

Luma 55 BNF
Item: Quantity: Per unit: Total: NOTE:
T-Motor Stack f7 45A 1 229.99 229.99
Axis - 2306 Axis Flying AF2306 FPV Motor 1810 KV 4 29.95 119.8
Airunit 03 1 349.95 349.95
5.5" Props 2 5.5 11
Luma 55 Kit 1 134.95 134.95
Inbound freight charge 1 20 20 Covers Cost of all parts coming in
Outbound freight charge 1KG 1 24 24 Covers cost of Shipping Complete drone out Australia wide.
Labour per hour 2 80 160 Build, Tune and Flight test fee
Luma branded Radio Lanyard 1 Free Free
Luma Branded Lipo Straps 4 Free Free
TOTAL: 1049.69
Dogcom 1300 6s Batteries 6 44.95 269.7
Hota d6 Pro Charger AC200W DC650W 15A 1 239 239
TOTAL: 508.7

please contact us for a quote.

The following Luma products are available as complete builds.

Luma 55

Luma 25 and Luma 30 coming Soon.

Further info:

Available with Air Unit O3, Walksnail, Analog, crossfire, ExpressLRS - anything basically ;)
Pricing and component list varies based on market availability,
Build and ship time for all BNF orders is 2-3 weeks.
All BNF Quads come with free Luma straps & lanyard.

We can also provide complete part kits if you want to experience the satisfaction of learning and completing a build yourself.


Reach out and allow us to put together a package that fits your needs perfectly.

You can also reach out to us via Instagram. 


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